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Introducing Four Points Express by Sheraton

Introducing Four Points Express by Sheraton

Why Invest in Four Points Express?

Developed specifically for the Europe & Middle East market, Marriott International's new Four Points Express franchise brand offers a light operational and design model, enabling owners to capitalize on growing consumer demand in the midscale segment, while taking advantage of Marriott International's powerful operational engines and proven expertise.

Whether for work or leisure, our guests are busy and on the move. They need a comfortable and affordable place to rest and recharge. They expect an easy, uncomplicated stay and don't want to spend extra on services they don't need. Clean, comfortable, and in a convenient location, Four Points Express delivers a seamless experience, all for the right price.

Conversion Product Offering

Four Points Express is conversion-friendly, offering owners the ability to join Marriott Bonvoy and benefit from the power of Marriott International's distribution system and loyalty program without extensive refurbishment requirements. The brand offers a fast entry option into Marriott International's powerful platform while providing all the key elements midscale guests value.

The midscale traveler is highly price and value conscious. Location and price for a specific trip type are key decision-making drivers. Our brand promise has been tailored to meet the guests' needs and the cost model enables both an effective pricing strategy and meaningful growth, which will significantly increase distribution and provide guests with more choice in terms of locations to stay.

Competitive Advantages

  • Classic select brand in the midscale tier
  • Competitive bundled affiliation cost
  • Flexible design standards suitable for conversion opportunities
  • Franchise model
  • Owners benefit from the power of the distribution system, loyalty program, and Marriott International's wealth of experience in Europe and the Middle East without extensive refurbishment requirements
  • Offers consumers value, convenience, and assurance

Product Requirements

  • Food & beverage: Breakfast required, lunch and dinner optional. Retail optional.

  • Guestrooms: 14-22sqm. Quality essentials: good shower, bed, and connectivity

  • Fitness: Allowed if existing

  • Public space: Design signatures

  • Meeting Rooms: Boardroom optional